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Published: 07th March 2011
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IBM still has the world's largest number of patents to maintain the status. Since 1993, IBM ten consecutive years in U.S. patent registration lists of the top position. By 2002, IBM's R & D personnel received a cumulative total of 22,358 patents, a record unprecedented, far exceeding the IT industry's top large U.S. companies made eleven patents sum, these 11 IT strong competitors, including: HP, Intel, Sun , Microsoft, Dell and others. IBM in 2005, made 2,941 patent applications, although less than 3,248 in 2004, patent applications, but still the second throw off a great distance.

IBM certification in two ways:
IBM Certification Category:
DB2 Database Administrator
DB2 Application Developer
MQSeries Engineer
VisualAge For Java Developer Associate

Recently, IBM certifications III from the hardware point of view of science and technology to most of its focus on corporate restructuring and acquisitions advisory services. The new IBM in consulting, software and technical services in the process, strengthen the global distribution capabilities, which reflected very strong.

IBM for the computer industry long-term leader in the large / small machine and laptop (ThinkPad) achievements the most attention. The creation of the personal computer (PC) standards, is still constantly in use and development. December 8, 2004 sale of its PC department, Lenovo, the amount of 1.75 billion and holds shares of Lenovo. IBM also materials, chemistry, physics and other sciences have great attainments. IBM invented the hard disk technology is the scanning tunneling microscope (STM), copper wiring, atomic etching technology for the IBM Institute for invention.

IBM's 000-R18 recent cultural influence by the open source movement. The company's Linux-based IBM Linux Technology Center, multi-billion dollar investment in software and services. Including the core staff of more than 300 Linux developers. IBM's open source and is not no trouble.

Meanwhile, IBM's entrepreneurial spirit and management style is world famous. It focuses on people management experience is as a teaching material included in a variety of management textbooks. IBM's business in the world-famous employee loyalty. At the same time, the pursuit of the perfect style makes IBM focused. Testinside IBM also is using the concept of demands on themselves, as far as possible the leading IT training who.

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